Hats & Hoodies


We are taking orders for our Servant Hats & Hoodies.

Orders will be taken from November 28th - December 12th.

The last day to place your order & pay for your order is Wednesday, December 12th.

Once you have placed your order you will need to bring payment to the office. Mrs. Debbie will have a list of online orders and will note your payment. 

There are two hat options:

 Non-Trucker Hat $15 each


Trucker Hat $15 each

And two hoodie options (youth sizes only available in royal blue):

Blue $20 each:

 and Gray $20 each (adult sizes only)

Please use the form below to complete your order.


Hats & Hoodies Order

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Hats $15 each

Royal Blue Hoodie YOUTH SIZES $20 each

Royal Blue Hoodie ADULT SIZES $20 each

Gray Hoodie - ADULT SIZES ONLY $20 each