Here is an announcement from Pastor Josh about FBCLV’s future plans for re-gathering. Please fill out the survey below to help us as we plan. 

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Church family,

We want you to know that not only is your church staff praying for you and available to help in any way that we can, the church body is also praying for each other and wants to help! If you are unable to leave your home at this time due to low immunity, kids at home, quarantine,  or any other reason we have church members who are volunteering to go and pick up groceries/supplies for you and deliver them to your home. If this is a need that you have, please email Debbie at   or call our church office 830-253-1239 and let us know.

Please remember that we will have no weekday services this week and our plans for this coming Sunday will be determined later in the week based on the reports and recommendations from our local and state health agencies. Stay informed by checking your email, the church’s Facebook page, or our website at

Though isolation often makes us feel alone, remember that our church is a family and we will walk through this time together! As Pastor Devin reminded us yesterday, as long as the Lord is our pilot, we know that He is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, and the light in the darkness, so we can trust Him even when the flight is a little bumpy! 

Pastor Josh Walters



Church family,

Over the last several weeks the Coronavirus/(COVID-19) has certainly become the center of attention in our world, but as believers in Christ, I pray that He is always our focus. During times like these, the church must never respond with fear but always stand firm in our faith that God is still on His throne!

Your church staff wants you to know that while worshipping together is one of our greatest joys, we also want to be careful and cautious to protect the physical health of our members. Therefore, here is our immediate plan for March 15-March 21. We will have ONE WORSHIP SERVICE tomorrow beginning at 10:15 am. We ask that there be no handshaking but instead give an “elbow bump” or a “Spirit-filled wave” to one another! We will not have welcome time during the service, and there will be ushers standing in a place where you can drop off your offering so that we will not be passing the plates.

There will be NO LIFE GROUPS for any ages but we will have nursery workers available. If you are feeling sick or are susceptible to illness please stay home. We are working on providing a quality live stream service in the weeks to come, but we will have a basic live stream of the service tomorrow on our church’s Facebook page. We will have NO WEEKLY ACTIVITIES from March 16-March 21. All bible studies/KDO/and our Quarterly Business meeting will be suspended to limit the possible spread of this illness. As we receive more information from our local and state health agencies we will update the church on our plans for next week. Please look for updates in your email, on our church Facebook page, or church website at

The church office will be open next week if you need us for anything at all we are here to serve and love you! Pastor Devin will be preaching tomorrow and for those who are not able to watch the service online, he will email out a written copy of the sermon for you to study at home with your family. Once again, if you are feeling ill or are concerned about your physical health PLEASE stay at home and worship there. We may not know what tomorrow holds, but Praise God we know who holds tomorrow! I’ll be there in the morning to greet you with a big smile and some hand sanitizer! Matthew 6:25-34

Pastor Josh